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Angry Whale Simulator 2016


Angry Whale Simulator 2016 is going to give you the chills from piranha & jaws combined. The killer whale is in a ferocious mood. The thrill of controlling a fierce angry whale is unmatchable. Angry whale simulator 2016 is a super animal simulator and gives you a chance to watch and simulate a killer whale attack in deep sea and on the beach. So dive into the ocean and be a part of this adventure as an Angry Whale as this orca knows no stopping.Animal simulators give you the opportunity to observe the wildlife and sea animal life from a close perspective. Angry Whale Simulator 2016 will give you that chance of controlling a whale that attacks and eat underwater animals and humans alike. The Orca whale experience is better than the shark jaws or piranha. Whales are huge animals that can stay both in deep and shallow waters and once they come close to surface, can run havoc on the beach and the boats. So feed the whale by attacking the targets and make sure you stay out of the range of hunters.
Angry whale needs food to survive and you have multiple missions that include attacking people on the beach and animals in the sea. The killer whale is out on the hunt. Use the on screen navigation controls to swim in water and reach the target. Happy hunting
Angry Whale Simulator 2016 features:• Multiple game play missions involving killer orca whale• Amazing controls for angry whale movement• Explore water world, beach & boats environment• Amazing 3D graphics and realistic sounds
We hope you enjoy the Angry Whale Simulator 2016 game. Your comments & ratings are welcome and will help us in creating even better games for you.